Alessandra Ambrosio’s Pilates Trainer gave us a one week workout and nutrition guide

And we might just be the next VS Angel.

Victoria’s Secret Angel bodies are basically the 8th Wonder of the World, like how on earth?! So in the hope of achieving our own slice of toned heaven, we asked Fabletic’s Master Trainer and Alessandra Ambrosio’s very own Pilates Trainer, Heather Dorak, to create a one week workout and nutrition guide for us mere mortals.
And although we’re not expecting miracles as those physiques are built over a long period of time, we’re willing to give it our all.

Here’s what you’ll need to wear to ensure maximum output:


“Tight fitting clothing (especially pants) are ideal because they allow you to focus on your exercises and instead of being distracted by your clothing getting in the way,” explains Heather.


“With cardio, you’re going to sweat, so choosing styles that are non-absorbent is important. The Fabletics semi-fitted Oula Tank is moisture-wicking and seamless, so the top is comfortable, chafe-resistant, and you don’t have to keep adjusting it.”

Here’s what to eat:


Before you even consider starting to exercise, you need to make sure the food you’re eating is on track for the best results.

“The food that you choose to fuel your body for your workouts is an important component, if not more important than your actual workout.  With a week out, it’s important to focus on foods that don’t cause inflammation.”

According to Heather we should be eating foods that won’t make your stomach feel heavy but also have quick-releasing nutrients to help you through your workout.

So around two hours before, consume some carbs, protein and a little bit of fat. Try oatmeal with berries, eggs on toast, yoghurt with berries and granola or a protein fruit smoothie.

Then, one hour beforehand, you should snack on more carbs and protein, but no fat. Have a handful or trail mix, a banana, apple, Greek yoghurt with fruit or coconut water.

After your work out, it’s important to replenish the body immediately with carbohydrates and protein. Try Greek yoghurt with fruit, egg whites and fruit, coconut water and some slices of meat, chicken and sweet potato, veggies and hummus or a salad with berries and protein.

Heather also recommended to eat cottage cheese at the end of the day because it’s a slow release protein which will feed your muscles while you sleep without being stored as fat. #Winning

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The Workout: 

DAY 1:


“To start off the week with the best intention, I like to make sure the first day is a day full of different exercises which are aligned with what the whole week has to offer.”


“A great way to do this is by mixing cardio and strength training. Starting with spin or a cardiovascular workout increases your heart rate for the strength training to follow, meaning you’ll burn more calories. Jump on a treadmill for 30 minutes doing some HIIT exercises before moving to the weights section at the gym.  Make sure you don’t rest too much in between exercises – you want to keep your heart rate elevated during your weighted exercises.”

And swimming in tropical locations totally counts as cardio if you’re on holidays.


DAY 2:



“Pilates is a great way to achieve a supermodel body because it is designed to lengthen, strengthen and increase flexibility.  Flexibility may not seem that important to most people, but in fact, it is extremely important.  If you aren’t that flexible in your body, chances are your muscles are shorter and potentially bigger than necessary. Without a large range of flexibility, your muscles aren’t given the chance to stretch and lengthen.”

DAY 3:


“Hit the pavement or a treadmill and do a running session with variations rather than simply running. Repeat three rounds of this walking/running set minus the first five minute walk, save that for at the end of the three rounds.”

0-5min: walk

5-6min: fast walk

6-7min: jog

7-8min: run

8-9min: sprint

9-10min: run

10-11min: jog

11-12min: fast walk

“This type of running burns more calories and actually works the muscles.  When you run a slow and steady jog, your heart rate doesn’t really change. When you are changing your speed, you are constantly changing your heart rate and challenging your muscles to fire and move your body quicker or slower.”

DAY 4:


“Not to sound like a broken record, but Pilates engages the whole entire body – you don’t have to worry about missing a body part and can continue to challenge each and every one, every time.  Something about Pilates that is really important for a supermodel is posture as a well-taught Pilates class can teach students perfect form.  Within this form, posture is very important in effectively executing the exercises.  A supermodel can have a great body but if she is walking down the runway with poor posture, no one is going to want her to walk again.  Pilates and supermodels are a match made in heaven – giving them long lean muscles, great posture and strong bodies.”

DAY 5:


“Resting is equally important, if not more important than trying to work out every single day.  If you don’t rest your muscles then they don’t have time to repair themselves and if they cannot repair themselves, they can never strengthen or change the way you want them to.  For some muscle love, feel free to attend a yoga class or go for a nice walk.”

DAY 6:

Cardio Body Weight Conditioning

“Again, we are emphasising working out the cardiovascular system while also engaging the muscles. For this exercise, you are going to need a jump rope!”

Repeat these if you dare:

Jump Rope – 100 times

Air Squats with punches  – 50 times

Jump Rope – 100 times

Sit Ups – 40 times

Jump Rope – 100 times

Lunges – 30 times (each leg)

Jump Rope – 100 times

Dips – 20 times

Jump Rope – 100 times

Burpee – 10 times

DAY 7:

Pilates, 30/30 or Boxing

Today is up to you, whether it’s just Pilates,  a mix of cardio and Pilates or boxing. Also, dancing at festivals like Alessandra totally counts.